How Does It Work?

  1. Call to reserve the booth.
  2. We’ll set up the booth on the day of the event.
  3. Don’t worry about operating the booth…we’ll be there to operate it for you.
  4. You and your guests can take as many photos as is reasonably possible in the contracted amount of time.
  5. We will dismantle and drive away with the booth at the end of your event.
  6. Photostrip Guest Books are available upon request for an additional charge.
  7. When the event is completed, we’ll provide you with a CDs of all photos taken.

Our Booth in Action:

More Questions:

1. I have a lot of wedding expenses already.  Why should I rent a photo booth?

Good question.  You get a lot of value for your dollar from a photo booth.  For the money, you simply cannot add so much fun to your reception.  Family members and friends who have not met in years will rush to the booth to commemorate the occasion. Booths capture permanent memories of your guests acting naturally (booth pictures are always more fun and spontaneous than posed pictures for digital cameras).

Also, booths an be instruments for creating fun contests at your wedding such as a “funniest photo” contest or trading games at tables with photos as game pieces. Finally, you are providing your guests with the ultimate party favor–something so fun, so funny and interesting, that many of them will post their photo strips on their refrigerator.  Your wedding will stand out in their memories as unique and original.

2. How many photos does the booth produce in an hour?

The booth can handle 30 sessions per hour (2 minutes to get the party in, take the photo, and exit the booth).  Each session creates 3 poses.  So, in total, the booth can produce about 90 poses per hour.

3. How many hours should I rent the booth for?

Use a rule of about 1.5 hours per 100 guests.  There are other factors to consider, such as the other entertainment options at the wedding.  If there are other activities such as dance contests, band contests, etc., you can expect the booth to be less busy and rent the booth at about 1 hour per 100 guests.  But if the booth is your main entertainment resource, rent the booth for 2 hours per 100 guests.  There are minimum rental lengths.  Please call or email for details.

4. Where should we place the booth?

As close to the reception as you can.  We have found that guests will not walk far to use the photo booth, so be sure to place it near the majority of the people at your reception.